Hammarlund PRO-310 Receiver Restoration

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Disassembly of the tuning mechanism

Closeup of the complex gearing that allows two tuning rates; 1:1 AND 1.11:1
Both large split-gears were frozen and the mechanism hard to turn.

These are the two lead-screws after disassembly and cleaning. One is for main-tuning
and the other for band-spread. Both indicator travelers were frozen in place

Here is the gearing mechanism after soaking in solvent and then spending a little
time in a ultrasonic cleaner! It's now smooth as silk.

Close up of the two new drive belts installed. You can barely see the two idler pulleys for
bandspread tuning under the lower spring! I can't imagine that this belt could be replaced
without a total disassembly as you see here! What a silly design! Note to anyone crazy
enough to want to restore one of these receivers: Replace both springs you see in this photo.

Tuning mechanism rebuilt and reassembled.

Completed photos ...

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