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 July 11, 1904
June 8, 1987

Listen to a vintage Millen station! (90801 transmitter and 90831 modulator)
Gary, WA4IAM, as recorded by Paul, WA3VJB

Mystery Millen Amplifier - what is it?

Millen restorations by Bob, WYVA:
90700 - 90711 - 90801 - 90831 - 90881

Biography and Reminiscing - Society Articles and Events
Equipment Pictures - Schematics and Mfg. Documents - Historical Articles

Biography and Reminiscing
VIEW Owners of the First 100 National HROs and other Jim Millen and National Stories
by Jim Hanlon, W8KGI
VIEW Designed for Application, The Story of James Millen, W1HRX
VIEW The Story of the James Millen Manufacturing Company, Inc.
VIEW A Brief History of the National Company, Inc.
VIEW National Based on a talk given by the late Ken Conrad in 1983
VIEW W1HRX - A Ham's Paradise
VIEW W1HRX Station in the late 30's
VIEW The James Millen Memorial Station
VIEW Some Information from Alan S. Douglas
VIEW Millen Memories 1949-1955 by Anthony Alegero
VIEW Working at Millen in the Late 50's by Hank Van Cleef
VIEW Co-Op Student Memories from 1964 by Edward Barile
VIEW Factory Pictures - Exchange Street 1950's
VIEW Merrill W. Bancroft's James Millen Display

Millen After Millen


Society Articles and Events
VIEW Product Detector For the HRO Series Receiver by Robert Roehrig, K9EUI
VIEW Millen's 100th Anniversary W1HRX Special Event Operation With On-The-Air Audio!
VIEW Millen Station Setup Guide by Don Buska, N9OO
VIEW 2004 AWA Conference JMS Member Attendance and Activities With On-The-Air Video!
VIEW WYVA's Millen Refurbishment Project Pictures
VIEW KEOO's 500 Watt Millen Station
VIEW 2007 AWA Conference JMS Member Attendance and Activities.

Equipment Pictures
70721 Hetrofil 90800 50 Watt Transmitter
90281 High Voltage Power Supply 90801 50 Watt Exciter-Transmitter
90501 Secondary Frequency Standard 90810 VHF Transmitter
90600 Series Frequency Meter 90831 40W Modulator
90651 Grid-Dip Meter 90881 High Frequency RF Amplifier
90651A Grid-Dip Meter 90902 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
90652 Solid-State Dipper 90921 Scope Amplifier - Sweep Unit
90661 Grid-Dip Meter 90923 Oscilloscope
90662A Grid-Dip Meter 90932 Monitor Oscilloscope
90671 Standing Wave Ratio Bridge 92101 Antenna Matching Preamplifier
90672 Antenna Bridge 92105 Single Sideband Selector
90700 Variarm Electron-Coupled Oscillator 92200 Transmatch
90711 Variable Frequency Oscillator 92201 Transmatch Junior
90751 Tone Modulator DFP-201 Receiver

Schematics, Manuals and Mfg. Documents (PDF)
[Click on model number for schematic]

90281 High Voltage Power Supply; MANUAL 90811 High Frequency Unit; MANUAL
90501 Secondary Freq Standard; MANUAL
90831 40W Modulator; MANUAL
90651 Grid Dip Meter; MANUAL 90881 Power Amplifier; MANUAL
90651A Grid-Dip Meter 90902 2" CRT Oscilloscope; MANUAL
90652 Solid-State Dipper; MANUAL
90903 3" CRT Oscilloscope (old); MANUAL
90662A Grid-Dip Dipper; MANUAL 90903 3" CRT Oscilloscope (new)
90671 SWR Bridge; MANUAL 90912 2" Instrumentation 'scope; MANUAL
90672 Antenna Bridge; MANUAL 90915 Oscilloscope; MANUAL (courtesy KCZR)
90700 Variarm E.C.O.; MANUAL 90932 Monitor Oscilloscope; MANUAL
90711 Variable Frequency Oscillator; MANUAL 92101 Antenna Matching Preamplifier; MANUAL
90751 Tone Modulator; MANUAL 92200 Transmatch; MANUAL
90800 50 Watt Transmitter; MANUAL 92201 Transmatch Junior
90801 Exciter-Transmitter; MANUAL 90901 1" CRT Oscilloscope
(schematic courtesy Richard Diehl)
90810 High Frequency Unit; MANUAL 46672 Balun (manual courtesy VE7CN)
70721 Hetrofil (courtesy Dave, VE7CN) 1950 Part & Price List (courtesy Carl W9BJ)

1960 Part & Price List

Historical Articles
VIEW Utilizing an Old-Fashioned Flat-iron as an Anvil by James Millen, Jr.
(First article at Age 16 - Popular Science Monthly, Oct. 1916)
VIEW An A.C. Operated Receiver and Power Amplifier by James Millen
(Radio Broadcast, Nov. 1925)
VIEW How to Use Meters in Your Receiver by James Millen
(Radio Broadcast, Dec. 1925)
VIEW An Up-to-the Minute High Frequency Pack for use With
The Phone-Radio Reproducer by James Millen
(Popular Radio, Nov. 1927)
VIEW Is Voltage a Certain Indication of Merit?, by James Millen
(Radio News, Dec. 1927)
VIEW A Non-Radiating Short-Wave Tuner, by James Millen
(Radio Broadcast, Sept. 1928)
VIEW Successful DX Work Marks 'Radio Movie' Transmissions
(Radio News, Nov. 1928)
VIEW An Analysis of A.C. Operated Short-Wave Receiver Design by James Millen and Robert S. Kruse (The Manual of Short Wave Radio, 1930)
VIEW The New National Ultra Short Wave Converter by James Millen (Short Wave Craft, Oct. 1932)
VIEW Band Spreading by James Millen, M.E. (Short Wave Craft, Oct. 1932)
VIEW Practical Working Data - On 3/4 Meter Transmission , by James Millen (Radio News, Dec. 1932)
VIEW The National Co. Short-Wave Receivers, by James Millen M.E. (Radio World, Dec. 1932)
VIEW The New National Super-het, the "FB-7", by James Millen (Short Wave Craft, Apr. 1933)
VIEW Peak Efficiency Design of the Short Waves (1933)
VIEW Getting Acquainted with Short Waves - Regenerative Receiver Construction, by James Millen (Radio News, Apr. 1934)
VIEW Notes on Amateur Radio Transmitter Design (1938)
The National HRO Receiver - A Historical Perspective by Brian Page, N4TRB

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