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LAST UPDATE: 9/19/2015

State Specific Info     

This feature of the Small Business Advisor will allow you to find a variety of small business related information available for your State. Also refer to our listing of STATE OFFICES FOR INCORPORATION INFORMATION, a listing of the office in each State that you may contact for details on registering your corporation.

We're doing our best to ensure up-to-date information but please remember that telephone numbers change frequently! Also remember that in some cases, a given office or agency may have locations in numerous cities throughout the state - always ask for the location nearest you.

All State's have a fiscal year of July 1-June 30 with the following exceptions: Alabama & Michigan, Oct 1-Sept 30;
New York, Apr 1-Mar 31; and Texas, Sept 1-Aug31.

Where to? 
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  1. OSHA. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration offices oversee compliance with federal safety guidelines.
  2. POSTAL BUSINESS CENTERS provide assistance to small businesses in making their mail automation-compatible and thus reducing costs. There may be more than one center in your state. Call the number shown in the table and ask for the location nearest you.
  3. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DISTRICT OFFICES provide information on international markets and exporting.
  4. SBA DISTRICT OFFICES provide a wide variety of small business assistance. The SBA can be reached at 800 827 5722.
  5. STATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE can provide business-related information for specific areas of the state and how to get involved in local chambers. This is a great way to market via networking.
  6. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE offices provide information on loans, grants, venture capital sources.
  7. PROCUREMENT ASSISTANCE offices will assist small businesses in marketing to the state and local governments.
  8. SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) provide a wide-range of assistance for new businesses. The number given is for the "lead" SBDC in your state. Ask for the location/number of the center nearest you.
  9. EQUIPMENT FINANCING helps small and medium-sized businesses get the software, vehicle, and equipment leasing they need at affordable rates.