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Audio deck after washing and some disassembly

Audio deck after polishing the chassis and preping the transformers for painting

Audio deck after refinishing transformers. Decals will be applied later

Bottom view of audio deck after cleaning & showing replaced components

Modifications to the Audio Deck

The following component upgrades and/or changes were made to ensure continued performance and increase audio bandwidth for better "broadcast" sound:

  • C414, C417 replaced with 22uf/450v
  • C407, C412, C413, C418, C420 replaced with .1uf/600v orange drop
  • Removed R408, 220K
  • Changed R412 from 56K to 100K
  • Replaced C405 with 50uf/50v
  • Changed C406 from 470pf to .01uf (under shield)
  • Changed R401 from 1meg to 4.7meg (under shield)
  • Replaced C401 to .01 poly
  • Changed C404abc (can) to separate 100uf/450v
  • Changed C415ab (can) to a single 100uf/450v
  • Jumpered the 6AL5 clipper stage and removed C408, C409, C410

Top view of RF deck after preliminary cleaning - note the ugly coils!

Bottom view of RF deck after cleaning

RF deck section after cleaning

Another view of RF deck after cleaning

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