Johnson 500 Transmitter Restoration - continued

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These are the four major transformers from the PS/mod deck removed and newly painted.

Wiring harness cleaned up, repaired, ready for installation

Chassis after new cad plating - Wow, what a difference!

Close up of an important modification - replacement of the three original pin jacks used for HV
with BNC connectors color-coded like the original jacks. Should be safer for the HV.
(I later changed the "red" BNC (modulated HV) to a Millen HV collector)

Reassembly begins ... just like a Heathkit ... sort of ...

Harness back in place

Bottom of HV chassis is complete; all capacitors are new

Another view of the completed HV chassis bottom

Top view of the completed HV chassis

Another view of the top of the completed HV chassis.
The modified HV connectors (BNC's) are clearly visible here.

Since this chassis weighs well over 100 pounds I decided that castors would be
a good idea. Here they are shown with the bottom plate installed.

Power Supply chassis complete with castors in place. Final step will be to install the cover.

Castor detail showing aluminum gusset for added strength

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