Iceland-Switzerland Trip - August, 2010

This was a 13-day trip that took us from home to --> Chicago --> Goose Bay, Labrador -->
Iceland --> Geneva, Switzerland --> Lenk, Switzerland and back.

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Gullfoss ... continued. An amazing sight.

Ty took Robert out to an area where they could touch the water from Gullfoss. This location was off-limits but didn't
stop them. As soon as they went over the safety rope to this location, several other people followed them.

Beautiful modern building in Reyjkavik

8/10/10: The former French consulate, called Hofoi, was the site of the Reykjavik Summit in 1986
meeting between President Ronald Regan and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev.

Plaque commemorating the Reykjavik Summit of 1986. Iceland language is very difficult for non-natives.

Rush hour in Reykjavik

One of the many power stations on Reykjavik. Absolutely no security! Imagine that in the U.S.

8/11/10: At power plant visitor's center. This machine lets you select the magnitude of an earthquake and
experience what it would feel like. You had to hold on to keep from falling at the higher levels.

Power plant visitor's center. This is a cross section of the large pipes that carry the hot geyser water
from the plant to the users. It's about three feet in diameter.

Smelly, warm and damp!

This is where the unused heated water dumps into the ocean. Strong sulfer smell here!

Gene is pointing out the "CAUTION" signs posted at the power plant. Too late ... we had already
walked to the end through the sulpher steam cloud!

Oh great, Trish found another rock that will travel a few thousand miles to back home.

On the way to the Lighthouse

8/11/10: Very high rocky cliff near the lighthouse

8/11/10: Even with tourists, Iceland is an amazingly clean place. A tour bus had just left this area
and not a scrap of paper was left behind.

The famous painted picnic table!

8/11/10: Beautiful scenery everywhere!

8/11/10: A photo does not do these giant cliffs justice!

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