Iceland-Switzerland Trip - August, 2010

This was a 13-day trip that took us from home to --> Chicago --> Goose Bay, Labrador -->
Iceland --> Geneva, Switzerland --> Lenk, Switzerland and back.

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Walkway at Blue Lagoon from entrance area to the pools.

The Lagoon!

Wow, this is great ...!

Mike, Gene, Trish, Bob

Traveling with two engineers leads to interesting side trips. This is an old military communications antenna farm.

One of the many power stations on Reykjavik. Absolutely no security! Imagine that in the U.S.

The "moonscape." These lava rocks get populated with a type of moss that eats away at the lava generating
an environment in which plants will eventually grow.

Steam escaping from underground hot springs - these are seen all over the Island. Strong sulfer smell.

Geysir - Iceland's version of our Old Faithful

Walking up the path to the geyser. The water running beside the path was quite warm.

Patiently waiting for the geyser to make its appearance.

Ty (with camera ready for the geyser) and Robert advertising Ferrari everywhere he goes.

The smell was pretty bad but the anticipation was palpable.

Thar she blows! Robert's best shot but the geyser made it much higher ...

Thanks to Ty ... here is what it really looks like ...

Afterward ...

The bubbling geyser reminds Robert of his favorite drink - Kir Royale. That accounts for the big smile!

... and we leave the crowd waiting for the next performance of another of nature's wonders.

The next several photos were taken at Gullfoss ("Golden Falls"). This is an amazing sight and it reminds us of
how small and powerless we really are.

Why is it that engineers always stick their head under to hood of a car?

This is wonderful!

Note the rainbow!

8/10/10: Golfoss is truly awe inspiring!

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