This is not a business. This is "hamfest" stuff. Contact me if you have any questions.
Payment via PayPal ("friends and family" so no fee to me) or your check to my QRZ address.
Prices listed are suggestions. Feel free to make offers! Prices are plus shipping unless noted.

73, Bob - website:

VERY heavy HV xfr. UTC S50; 115in-5KV/6KV CT out. No spec but at least 1a/ICAS. $65ppd

"Lock" decal for SX-42. $8ppd

Modulation Transformer, Stancor A-3873. $40

New Ferrari V12 engine with stand. $200,000.
(Just kidding but beautiful, isn't it?

Pair of Sangamo oil caps, 4uf/3KV: $40

NOS Simpson Model 27 (3" square) meters. $25/ea

Pair of Aerovox 4uf/3KV oil capacitors, 4.5 x 5 x 4.75h. $40

Pair of Sprague 6uf/4KV oil capacitors, 4.5 x 3.75 x 7.5h. $70

Pair of C-D 4uf/3KV oil capacitors, 4.5 x 3.75 x 5h. $40

Choke, 10H, 1A CCS, 4KV. VERY heavy! $70

Choke, 8H, Collins 668-0158-00 (KWS-1 HV) $35

Choke, 10H, 600ma, 4KV, CCS. Heavy! (2 photos) $50

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