This is not a business. This is "hamfest" stuff. Contact me if you have any questions.
Payment via PayPal ("friends and family" so no fee to me) or your check to my QRZ address.
Feel free to make offers! Prices are plus shipping unless otherwise noted.

73, Bob

NOTE: None of the Collins gear shown below has been restored!
They have been repaired as necessary and checked for proper operation only.

Collins 75S-3B, #16766, fully functional,
with power cord and orig manual,
one filter, 2.1KHz, $750

Collins 312-B5. Tested OK with a KWM. I can't
explain the "KWM2-A" label on the bezel!

Collins KWM-2, #1009x (part of label is
missing), Fully functional. $575

B&W reproduction dial replacement. $20ppd

SX-88 dial covers for main tuning and bandspread. Exact size and thickness as original. $65ppd
Sorry, all sold! (If you need these drop me an email - if I get a few replies I'll make more)

"Lock" decal for SX-42. $8ppd

Pair of Henry Radio Oil HV capacitors (NOS); 20uf/3KV. $150

Rycom VLF/LF Receiver, R1307A/GR. Restored to like new. $850
Restoraton Details

Modulation Transformer, Stancor A-3873. $55

New Ferrari V12 engine with stand. $200,000.
(Just kidding but beautiful, isn't it?

NOS Filter Choke, 7.5H/400ma $30

NOS Simpson Model 27 (3" square) meters. $25/ea

Millen 90651 Grid Dip Meter with all coils and original box from Allied Radio. $125

National NC-2-40D Main tuning knob. $40

Millen Preamplifier, #92101 with two plug-in coils & connectors. (2 photos) $55

Pair of Aerovox 4uf/3KV oil capacitors, 4.5 x 5 x 4.75h. $55

Pair of Sprague 6uf/4KV oil capacitors, 4.5 x 3.75 x 7.5h. $70

Pair of C-D 4uf/3KV oil capacitors, 4.5 x 3.75 x 5h. $55

Sprague 25uf/6KV oil capacitor, 8 x 6 x 9h (2 photos). $75

Choke, 10H, 600ma, 4KV. Heavy! (2 photos) $75

Restored Central Electronics MM-2 Monitor Scope (2 photos) $300

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