& COLLINS 310A EXCITER UNIT (Serial #11)

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Modulator deck before restoration

Modulator deck after restoration

Another view of finished modulator deck

Low Voltage deck before restoration

Low Voltage deck after restoration

Rear view showing RF and Modulator decks installed

Rear view showing RF, Modulator and HV decks installed and the HV
transformer. the space above the RF deck will house a newly designed
pi-net output to replace the not too useful original swinging links.

Close up of the bottom of the cabinet showing HV transformer

All decks in place!

This is the unrestored output swinging link coil assembly that will be
replaced with a B&W 850A based pi-network and associated capacitors.

Just about complete - need to build the new output Pi-network.

Rear of cabinet showing the original (now unused) feed-thru insulators.
Two SO-239's connectors have been added for antenna and receiver
(I added an antenna relay inside the cabinet)

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