The James Millen Society

Special Events Station - W1HRX

This operation was held in conjunction with the AWA's 2001 conference in Rochester, New York. The museum annex is located a short distance away in East Bloomfield.
The James Millen Society operated James Millen's original 1930's Amateur Radio Station, now located at the Antique Wireless Association (AWA) museum annex, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Millen's birth.

The Operation

Wednesday Sept. 5th - During the evening we operated the big Millen 1936 AM transmitter on 3880Kc as part of the Collins Collector Associations AM Night.

Saturday Sept 8th - During the morning hours we operated Millen manufactured equipment (90801 transmitter/90831 modulator/90711 VFO). AM and CW contacts were made on the 20 and 40 meter bands.

We made a total of 158 contacts, most taking place on Wednesday evening using the Millen's original station setup.

Listen to the Operation

Bill Gerhold, K2WH, was gracious enough to provide a 4+ minute recording of the W1HRX celebration as heard from his station in Hewitt, New Jersey. The recording is from Wednesday nights activities using the BIG Millen 1936 transmitter on 75 meter AM phone. It's not often you hear such a pileup on AM! The operator at W1HRX at the time was John Bauer, W4AWM.

NOTICE - The audio file is large. Listen only if you are using a broadband connection.

Pictures of the Operation - as it happened!


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